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For $100,000, You Can Clone Your Dog

Wow – think of all the animals you could help with $100k 🙁 That’s a whole lot of already existing adoptable dogs that someone could help, to say the least. But it’s very interesting, and the article says that the main goal of the program is to help with beef shortages (and restoring the Han-woo […]

The Myth of Dog Years

“In 2008, when the world’s oldest reported dog — a 29-year-old labrador named Bella — passed away, Daily Mail wasted no time in sensationalizing the news: “The World’s Oldest Dog Dies at the Age of 203 (in Canine Years).” But in calculating the canine’s age, the paper relied on falsified “fact” that’s regurgitated more than […]

Would you ever treadmill train your dog?

This is a crazy concept, but an interesting one: treadmill training your dog! This site has a lot of tips on how to get started. Like: Start slow. Don’t expect your pooch to jump right on and start running. While dogs love to run, they won’t know what to expect from treadmill at first. Use […]