How to Break Up a Dog Fight

PetPlan overall does a fantastic job with their blog, their Pinterest boards and so much more to help pet owners educate themselves on pet health matters. One of their most recent posts was on how to break up a dog fight, something that’s helpful for any dog owner to know.

Check out the post for some great tips on reading dog body language but here’s the real heart of the article, which is extremely helpful:

How to Break Up a Dog Fight

“Dog fights happen! It’s important when in a dog park to keep your cool if a fight breaks out so as not to escalate the situation. Here are some do’s and don’ts for how to do it:

  • Collect loose dogs who are not part of the fight to prevent mobbing.
  • Start by making a loud noise like clapping your hands or shouting ‘No!’ or do something disruptive like dumping a bucket of water on the fighting dogs.
  • Do not grab dogs by collars or necks/faces to avoid a redirected bite.
  • One person should grab each dog from the hips, pinching the loose skin between their belly and legs, and pull out of the fight, wheelbarrow-style (remember, 1 person per dog!).”
  • Remove fighting dogs from the park for the day.

As someone who has intervened in only one dog fight before (and fortunately, I was okay even though I did it the completely wrong way by grabbing the aggressor by the scruff of the neck while pulling my own dog away), this is good stuff to know!

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