If your dog is “head pressing,” take them to the vet!

I never knew what “head pressing” was and all I’ve ever seen was this photo on the Internet:

Goat to cow

But apparently, animals that do this aren’t doing it to be cute – they’re potentially in serious danger due to a medical condition. According to this article:

When a dog or cat owner initially sees this behavior, they may not know how to interpret it. At first, without knowledge of the potential underlying meaning of Head Pressing, the owner may be inclined to think that their precious friend is just being silly, or playful. That is usually not the case, and that is why it is so critical to be able to recognize this behavior for what it is. So the question is, what conditions could this potentially indicate? The answer isn’t a simple one, but here are some of the potential causes of Head Pressing:

-Tumors located near the skull and brain of the animal.
-Toxins being introduced into the system (Lead, for example).
-A Metabolic disorder.
-Acute Head Trauma.
-Prosencephalon Disease (An Illness That Affects The Brain).

The more you know – please share this article with friends, especially if you’ve ever seen someone talk about their dog displaying this behavior!

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