Leela’s walking issue

One of my puppies, Leela, has an issue when we take walks. I’d love your advice, if you have any!

Leela causing chaos
I got Leela (see the picture to the right, as she had recently triumphed over a roll of toilet paper..) to be a companion for Vega. Vega is a very aggressive dog who was abused, so the issues I’ve worked through with him have been more on handling his aggression and alpha dog behavior.

Leela, on the other hand, is very submissive. She is terrified of most people, places and things. It has taken several months to get her to a better place and on walks, we have made slow progress. But recently, she has backtracked significantly and tends to sit down constantly. Not because she’s tired but more because she is terrified so she refuses to move forward. Or she’s just having a willful puppy moment.

According to articles like this one online, some of the reasons some dogs stop on walks include:

  • Boredom
  • Craving attention
  • Fear
  • Tiredness
  • But it doesn’t offer a whole lot of advice.

    These pieces of advice have worked all right so far from this article and this blurb on eHow, but I’m still brainstorming others:

  • Implementing the correction by saying “walk” and continuing to walk without jerking the leash
  • Use treats while Leela is actually walking (huge mistake: I tried coaxing her several times with treats to keep moving and that has backfired on several occasions)
  • The water bottle (not entirely effective outside…)
  • Having an extra dog or person along for the walk (extremely effective but difficult to schedule!)
  • Have you ever encountered this problem? Let me know what you did to help with your own dog, please!

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