NC Legislation Will Allow Breaking Into Vehicles to Rescue Dogs from Hot Cars

Good news, everyone!

“The North Carolina House passed a bill yesterday that gives explicit permission to use “any reasonable means” to rescue dogs and other animals left in hot cars.

Currently, 14 US-states prohibit pet owners from leaving animals in hot vehicles, and most allow law enforcement officers to enter the vehicle to rescue a dog in distress. However, North Carolina’s new law, if passed by the governor’s signature, will allow not only police officers, but also firefighters, animal control officers, and other rescue workers to take necessary action in saving an animal’s life.”

As mentioned in a previous post, leaving a dog in an unattended car on a hot day can be very difficult for humans to handle – let alone dogs, who can’t even sweat to lower their body temperature.

This is generally good news for North Carolinians and dog owners in the area!

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