PetMatch Finds You an Adoptable Pet That Looks Like Your Old One

This is a little crazy, but seems like it could be a great way to find a pet to adopt! PetMatch is offering up the ability to find adoptable pets based on specific images of other pets and matching the user up with similar options:

“Still mourning the loss of your little buddy Chairman Meow? Upload a photo of him or your favorite Lolcat into PetMatch, and the app’s machine vision algorithms will find a similar looking kitty in your area that you can adopt. Sounds adorable, but PetMatch is no joke. It’s the first consumer app from Superfish, a $20 million-funded startup with a dozen PhDs working to teach computers to see like humans.

To use PetMatch, first you upload a photo of a pet, pull one from the web (Grumpycat! Doge!), or choose one from the app’s internal library. Superfish then does a geometric analysis of the image using its machine vision technology to look at the distance between the animal’s eyes, the angle of its mouth, and the shape of its face as a whole.
PetMatch Logo
PetMatch does this same analysis on images from PetFinder, a service that aggregates data about adoptable pets from shelters and rescue organizations. The app then presents matches between your image and similar-looking pets around the country, and the best matches it can find that are nearby. See one you like and you can tap through to call or email the shelter and adopt the little furball.”

Let us know if you’ve used it/what you think!

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