Shelter Myths

As the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog (and a volunteer with the Wake County SPCA), you should definitely check out this article if you have any hesitations about adopting your own shelter pets!

Here are a few of their points:

“1. “You can’t find kittens or puppies at animal shelters.”
Surprisingly, I hear this all the time. In reality, shelters and rescues have pets of all ages—including kittens and puppies.

(This is crazy – there are tons of kittens and puppies at shelter, especially during the summer when cats start to go in heat)

2. “Shelter pets aren’t healthy.”
“Actually, cats and dogs under the care of a good shelter receive excellent veterinary care,” says Dr. Jules Benson, vice president of Veterinary Services at Petplan Insurance.”

(A lot of pets may pick up things from being around other pets recently brought into shelters but typically, most shelters have great care and do their best to help heal all animals!)

Check out more here!

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